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Last week our teams battled through some tough matches to gain one win, one draw and two losses. In addition some of our Blues players travelled to High Wycombe for BUCS individuals!

W2 got the clean sweep against Warwick 2s at home, winning 12-0. Everyone played really good matches including Katie Baston and Alex Reyner winning their doubles in a three set tiebreak. M5 drew against Exeter at home 6-6. Shoutout to Maximillian Rudloff who won both his singles and doubles match with Nathan Appanna. Eric Zhong also fought for a great singles win! W3 sadly lost 0-12 against Warwick 1s and M2 lost by the same margin in their away game at Cambridge. This was a tough loss but their opposition was half made up of Blues players so they are still confident about their Varsity chances! Casper had a particularly strong match against his opponent who usually plays for the Blues.

In addition to these matches, at the weekend 6 Blues women and 3 Blues boys played in the qualification round for National BUCS Individuals in High Wycombe. Cameron Bowie and Ross Martin got through to final round of qualifications but both sadly lost. Cam played a guy who used to be ranked 1200 in the world while Ross played an epic 3 hour long 3 setter and sadly lost after he started cramping after the first set success. However our amazing W1 captain Nanami Yamaguchi managed to qualify for the nationals which will be played in April!

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Nanami Yamaguchi for qualifying for Nationals!

M2 in Cambridge

W3 in Florence Park



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