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Note to our new members

Once you have purchased your OULTC  membership it may take a few days before you are on the  Sports Fed system and can start booking courts.

Book Courts

Want to have a hit with another member at our Iffley Courts? Just book a court...


Want to work on your tennis technique or build physical and mental fitness?

Our resources are a good place to start!

OULTC Policy

What do we do with your data? What is OULTC policy concerning safeguarding and inclusion?

Find out here...

Ball Machine

Want to practice your shots on your own and get a good workout in at the same time?
Just book a slot with our very own ball machine...

Social Tennis Session Booking

Got your Social Membership and want to book onto a session?
Click here...


Need a racket restringing?

We have partnered with Richard Bowerman racquet restringing at Blue Blood in Covered Market! To get your rackets restrung, just pop into the shop and say you're an OULTC member, or contact Richard on 07901 918975 or


Price List: 

Gamma and Babolat synthetic gut 1.30 gauge full restring @ £18.00

Gamma Advantage 1.38 gauge @ £15.00

Yonex Polytour Pro polyester full restring @ £18.00

If you supply your own strings a full restring @ £10.00

Need emergency stringing?

Are you a team member who broke your strings the evening before a big match? Please contact our director of tennis Jarlath ( who will be able to help you.

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