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Q. How can I play tennis at Oxford University?

You can either play tennis as a social or team member of Oxford University Lawn Tennis Club (OULTC). 

To try out for a team you attend the trials, held at the start of each term, the details of which are available on our facebook page. If you get selected for a team then you will have to buy membership for that team (we do have a hardship fund available - please ask your captain for further details on this).

Social tennis open days are held at the start of each term where you can come and have a taste of what a social tennis coaching session is like, to help you decide whether you would like to purchase a social tennis membership.

Q. What should I do if I missed the social tennis open day but want to try out social tennis to see if I want to join?

Q. What should I do if I missed tennis trials but want to play for a team?

If it's still near the start of the term then you can email the captain of the team you think you would be most applicable for (their contact details can be found here) and explain your situation and why you missed trials then at the captains digression they may invite you to trial at a training session. If it is later in the term then it might just be best to wait until the following term and trial then. There are team trials at the start of every term and anyone is welcome to come to them.

Q. Do I have to be incredible at tennis to trial for a team?

We have 5 mens and 5 womens teams, each with an average of about 10 players per team. So due to the large number of teams we have there is quite a range of abilities within our team players. So just go for it, everyone is welcome to trial and even if you don't get in the first time you can always trial again or join our social tennis program which also caters for a wide range of abilities with its beginner, intermediate and advanced streams.

Q. Can you buy a membership just for Trinity Term?

Yes. There is a reduced price membership available for just Trinity. 

Q. Can you play with a friend who doesn't have an OULTC membership on the booked courts?

Yes. It is possible for OULTC members to bring guests from outside the club to play on courts for a small fee of £2. All guests of the court booked must be checked in at reception and where they will be either granted access to the courts if they are a club member or charged £2 for access to the centre if they are not. Members can book courts back to back e.g. 2-3pm and 3-4pm but not side by side i.e. they can't book two courts next to each other for themselves and 3 housemates to use. 

Q. Can social tennis members come to the Wednesday night socials?

Yes absolutely! All members of OUTLC are more than welcome to all the Wednesday night socials organised by our club's social sec's. The Men's and Women's teams have separately organised socials but often have joint ones as well. All the details of our weekly socials are available on our facebook page so make sure to follow it to keep up to date! 

Q. Can I borrow a racket to play at the social tennis sessions or do I need my own?

We have a limited number of rackets avaliable in our club house for social players to use, but if you have access to a racket then please bring that. 

Q. When are the social tennis sessions?


Coaching sessions: 

At Iffley Sports Grounds:

Mondays at 10.30am, Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm.


Coaching sessions:

At Iffley Sports Grounds:

Mondays at 11.30am, Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm.


At Florence Park:

Wednesdays at 6-8pm


Coaching sessions:

At Iffley Sports Grounds: 

Mondays at 12.30pm, Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm.


At Florence Park

Wednesdays at 6-8pm

Please make sure you have registered for your session at the social tennis booking page. If the session is cancelled due to weather, you will receive an email.

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