High quality, personalised tennis kit

Kit orders placed back in Michaelmas and Hilary are ready to be picked up from Blue Blood in the covered market. Please do this if you haven’t done so already! Kit ordered in Trinity is on the way. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our sponsorship & kit officer.

Only kit sold via this website is official OULTC kit which must be worn by team players for competitions.  


Each captain has recommended the following items for members of their teams.

Note that these are only recommendations. If you want to order fewer items of kit, this should be fine - but get in touch with your captain to make sure. If you want to order more items of kit, feel free!

M1/W1 - Full Package

M2/W2 - Full Package or Light Package + 1x White Top

M3/W3 - Light Package

M4/M5/W4/W5 - 1x Top, 1x Shorts


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