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Q. Will university tennis be resuming as normal in Trinity Term?

Yes! Our members are now able to book courts here. Social tennis sessions and team trainings will be taking place throughout Trinity term. Social members can book onto training sessions through our booking service. Sessions can be booked up to 7 days in advance. OULTC Club Championships and College Cuppers are also being run throughout Trinity Term, sign up details for these events have been emailed out to all club members at the start of term. 

Of course, this is subject to changing government guidance, particularly regarding local and national restrictions.

Q. Will BUCS matches be happening in Trinity Term?

No there have been no BUCS matches for this academic year and BUCS does not usually run through TT. We are looking into scheduling friendly matches.

Q. What steps are the club making to make sessions covid-secure?

So many things! The main difference this year is that sessions will be by registration only, as we have to maintain capacity limit as well as allow for track and trace. Social members who are planning to come to sessions can book here. Team players can contact their captains.


Based on the LTA guidance, as well as the University Sports Federation guidance for sports clubs, we have prepared a Return to Play document, which you can find here.

Q. Is Varsity happening this year?

At the moment, yes. Planning for Varsity this year is in fully swing. The Blues event will as usual be taking place in Moore Park and final details of the location for Varsity for the 2nd-5th teams is currently under discussion. Full details will be released in due course and as always all plans will be dependent upon Covid regulation. 

Q. I am no longer in Oxford, can I revoke my membership?

If you are no longer planning to be in Oxford for the rest of the academic year, given that there is no residency requirement in Trinity, you may request to cancel your membership now. Please bear in mind that by revoking your membership, you will no longer receive the benefits of an OULTC member, including access to Iffley courts and Wimbledon ballot. Further, those revoking their memberships now will not be allowed to purchase a Trinity-only membership. To revoke your membership, please fill this form. Note that if you are a team member, you have to keep your membership in order to play Varsity.

If you are no longer planning to come back to Oxford, you can of course still keep your membership which will financially support OULTC. As a student-run club, we are grateful for this as this will help support the club’s activities and developments through these difficult times.

Q. Will memberships be reimbursed for the cancelled sessions?

Given that we had many sessions cancelled due to government restrictions, we understand that the initial membership price that we set in Michaelmas 2020 no longer reflects what the club can offer for this academic year. Given such consideration, sessions lost due to restrictions will be reviewed at the end of Trinity Term and all our members with an annual membership will be compensated accordingly. For returning members in 2021/2022, you can use this as credit to your purchase of a 2021/2022 membership. We will be in touch with further information during the Long Summer.

Q. When can I collect my kit and stash in Trinity Term?

Over zeroth and first week OULTC members will be able to go to Blue Blood on specified days, according to their name in order to pick up their kit. These restrictions on customer numbers are required to limit traffic through the shop with regards to covid regulations. After the staggered pickup schedule in weeks 0 and 1, members will be able to pick up their kit on any day from Blue Blood from week 2 onwards. The opening times of the shop are 10am - 5pm each day. The pick up schedule for weeks 0 and 1 has been emailed to all members. 

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