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This week there was the return of the current OULTC vs Old Blues playoff as well as three BUCS matches!

For the ultimate battle between current vs Old Blues, both teams headed to Abingdon to see who would come out on top. There were 9 women's doubles, 11 men's doubles and 6 mixed doubles matches and in the end our current OULTC players came out on top, winning 14-12!

In regards to BUCS matches, M1 had a strong start to term beating Warwick 1s away 4-2 with Cameron Bowie helping his team to victory with an unbelievable volley return in the tie breaker. W1 also started well, beating Imperial away 8-4. W2 played against Nottingham Trent 1s away in some very cold conditions and lost 2-10. However there were some great efforts, notably from Charlotte Feldhoff who won her singles in an epic 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 comeback and to Innes Hicsasmaz who lost in a similarly close three-setter.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Mary Strevens from W1 for sheer perseverance. She played two tough three-setters, narrowly losing the singles 10-12 in the third but coming back to win the doubles with Caitlin Knights 10-8 in the third!

Current vs Old Blues


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