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Clubhouse Refurbishment Underway!

The OULTC clubhouse refurbishment is officially underway from Tuesday, March 30, 2023 and is expected to be finished at the end of July.

Unfortunately, for our members, this does mean that the clubhouse will be out of use for at least the next few weeks; however, by the start of next term, we should all be able to enjoy a sparkling new clubhouse, which will be a great space to socialise after sessions and events!

Balls and rackets are currently being stored outside the clubhouse in black bins, which should remain covered after use. Hopefully this arrangement works; however, if many issues arise due to this, we will have to look at a more secure system. But, as I said, we're happy to put a lot of trust in all our members to respect these communal balls/rackets so that everyone has a chance to play.

Also, as a result, the toilet and running water facilities will be unavailable so make sure you bring plenty of water when you come to play (especially if the sunny weather continues!), but there are still water fountain/toilet facilities on the main site if you do need to use any. The ball machine will also sadly be unavailable for use, as we do not have an external charging port for it; however, court bookings will continue as normal. Should you have any queries, please contact any committee member.

Finally, if you wish to find out more about what the clubhouse refurbishment project, see our previous blogpost here.


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