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2024 Varsity Results

On the weekend of June 22nd-23rd, Cambridge hosted ten teams competing for the Varsity trophy. Matches took place at venues including Fenner's Park, St John's College, Churchill College, and Corpus Christi College.

With sunny weather permitting, most matches were played on grass. Oxford triumphed in six of the events, with the results as follows (Oxford - Cambridge):

Men’s Blues: 4-17

Women’s Blues: 12.5-8.5

M2: 11-8

W2: 15-6

M3: 7-14

W3: 3-18

M4: 11-10

W4: 7-14

M5: 13-8

W5: 14-7

After the competitions, the teams and coaches enjoyed a celebratory dinner at The Millworks.

We thank the venues above for allowing us use of their excellent facilities, and all the support the teams received over the weekend.


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