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Week 7 Match Report - HT 2020

Coming towards the end of term and OUTLC are still holding strong with their BUCS track record securing three wins and only two losses! Their only weakness appears to be when faced with Nottingham’s teams (where both losses this week occurred) which is fair enough as they boast some of the top National teams in the country for Tennis!

W2 secured a monumental victory over Oxford Brookes 1’s this week achieving a unbeatable score of 12-0 and promoting themselves into the midlands tier 1 category in unquestionable style! In other exciting news Isabelle Atkins it appears has found us a new OULTC mascot (see attached pictures!) so lets hope he’ll be making some more regular appearances in Trinity to bring us some equally as impressive scores and league promotions! M1 managed to defeat Cambridge 2s 7-1 in their match this week. And M2 took a swift victory over UEA’s 1s in their home match securing an overall score of 4-2.

Our losses both came from matches against Nottingham’s teams this week. W1 were defeated 12-0 by Nottingham‘s 1s (which is one of the strongest national teams in the country) and W3 were defeated 6-0 by Nottinghams 4s. Special thanks to Sophie Morrisand Tabby Kirkwood who stepped up from W4 to play for W3 this week and gave a really great performance against a strong opposition.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK Goes to the man of the moment James Hughes. Who showed tremendous commitment to the club coming to save M2 at their hour of need, when one of their players got injured in his doubles match so a replacement needed to be found quickly. James, a member of M3, was called and within 10 minutes was on his way to save the day! He came and won his singles to secure the victory over UEA for M2. Thank you James, stellar effort filling in so last minute!


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