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Week 5 Match Report - HT 2020

This was a mixed week for OULTC. As well as strong competition many teams also had to fight hard against (maybe the most devicive opponent of them all) the great British weather. With never-ending rain and increasingly slippery court conditions the teams had more to worry about then just getting the ball in! Like trying to stay on your feet and not catch pneumonia!

W3 fought hard in these challenging conditions but were sadly defeated by Cambridge 2’s at Florence Park. The final score was 5-1 but highlights included Ella Glover and Victoria Bagge outplaying the first pair to take the doubles 6-3, 6-3.

W4 dominated Anglia Ruskin not dropping a single match, despite the less than ideal court conditions in their home match, to achieve a 6-0 victory. Special well done to Minnie Karanjavala who kept her cool in her three setter singles to win the tie break 10-3.

W2 had a HUGE win this week against Nottingham Trent’s 2s where they achieved a 12-0 victory!! Massive congratulations to the whole team for smashing it this week! And in more exciting news for the 2’s we’re excited to announce that they only need to win or draw their next match to move up a division!

PLAYER OF THE WEEK Everyone one on W2 for their titanic victory and for being so close to being promoted!


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