2015 M2 Varsity

The Men's Second team, also known as the Penguins, has two training sessions a week indoors at White Horse Leisure Centre in Abingdon with Jon Maskens during the winter in addition to a weekend session on the hard courts at Iffley Road Sports Ground. They make the change to the Iffley grass courts for the summer term. The Penguins' focus for Michaelmas and Hilary Terms is BUCS, for which there are fixtures each Wednesday. Last year, they won the Midlands 2A division as well as the Midlands Conference Cup. This granted them promotion and the Penguins' are looking to cement their spot in Midlands 1A this year.

The Blues and Penguins squads aren't finalised until Trinity Term so players who improve in the Penguins squad can be moved up to the Blues if they show enough potential.

Oxford men's penguins have had a challenging season this year. BUCS Wednesdays were a difficult slog, we were consistently pitted against classy opposition. Though victories were rare we did manage to notch up some hard fought wins against Coventry and did not finish at the bottom of our league. Unfortunately this was not enough to avoid relegation. With BUCS over, the Penguins' focus shifted to grass court tennis. Many of the team found the transition from indoor hardcourt to grass challenging, especially those without prior experience on the surface. Accordingly the varsity team was made up mostly by OULTC journeymen. Despite our collective experience, this was not enough to overcome the force of Cambridge this year, the light Blues were far stronger than they had been in previous years. Though Cambridge won overall (14-7) certain members of the team put in very strong performances. Wesley Maddox won 3 out of 4 of his matches and Alessandro Geraldini came through a titanic three set tussle with Cambridge Captain Jonny Ayres. Despite Varsity and BUCS performances there have been some very positive elements to the 2015-2016 season for the men's seconds. Our tour to Lisbon gave all the chance for some team bonding and good tennis training, and our throughout the year our camaraderie has been unparalleled.  Given that we have moved down a BUCS division, a clear and realistic target for next season is to dominate this league to recapture our spot in Midlands division 1A, and improve on our varsity performance of this year. With sufficient focus and dedication under the leadership of next year's captain Alex Althuis the men's seconds stand every chance of achieving these targets. 

If you have any questions please contact the Men's Penguins Captain, Casper Scheible, at

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Men's Penguins Training Times

Men's Penguins Winter Training Times 2015/2016

Monday 2.30-4.00pm Coaching - White Horse Leisuire Tennis Centre
Tuesday 6.45-8.15am Coaching - White Horse Leisuire Tennis Centre
Saturday - Time Variable College Courts

Men's Penguins Summer Training Times 2015/2016

Monday 6.30-8.00pm Coaching - University Parks 
Tuesday 6.45-8.15am Training - Abingdon 
Wednesday 12.30-2.00pm Coaching - University Parks
Thursday 5.30-7.00pm Fitness - Iffley Road Track
Friday 5.30-7.00pm Training - Iffley Road

BUCS table and fixtures

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Other fixtures

Date Opposition Location Time Result
10/5/16 Radley College TBC 2pm  
14/5/16 United Hospitals Iffley 11am  
15/5/16 The Hurlingham Club The Hurlingham Club 12pm  
21/5/16 Charlton select (combined Men's Blues/Penguins team) Charlton TBC  
21/5/16 Old Penguins/Polar Bears (combined Men's Penguins/Polar Bears team) Iffley 2pm  
26/5/16 Eton TBC 2pm  
4/6/16 PSOBA Iffley 12pm  
18-19/6/16 Varsity University Parks 10am each day  


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