Our Teams

OULTC has recently introduced a fifth women's team, the Women's Puffins. Click here to find out more


Men's Blues

The Men's Blues team start training just before Michaelmas Term gets underway. The Blues squad usually consists of around 10 players, who train together all winter, the final squad of 8 for Varsity being chosen in Trinity Term. The Blues train indoors during the winter at White Horse Leisure Centre in Abingdon and on the grass courts at Iffley Road Sports Ground during the summer under the excellent Abingdon coach Jon Maskens. They also have regular fitness and conditioning sessions each week.


Women's Blues

The Women's Blues squad consists of about 8-10 players. The squad trains together throughout the year, with a team of 8 being selected for the annual Varsity match against Cambridge at the end of Trinity term, the highlight of the Blues calendar.


Men's Penguins

The Penguins (Men’s Second Team) play all year round at Iffley Road Sports Ground and the White Horse Leisure Centre in Abingdon. Last year the team trained twice a week during the winter, before moving onto the Iffley grass courts in Trinity term for more frequent sessions. During Michaelmas and Hilary terms the Penguins’ main focus is the BUCS league, for which the team plays fixtures every Wednesday.


Women's Robins

The Women’s Second team, better known as the Robins, have enjoyed many successes this year. Training 3 times a week through the winter ensured the team were in a strong shape for the BUCS league. After narrowly missing out on promotion last year in the final match of the season, the Robins were determined to fight to the top of the table. The team stormed through the matches scheduled in Michaelmas, winning every fixture.


Men's Polar Bears

The Men’s Third Team, otherwise known as the Polar Bears, train all year round at Iffley Road Sports Ground. Every weekend, they have coaching on the Iffley hard courts, as well as a fortnightly indoor hitting session during the winter. Otherwise, the members organise practice sessions during the week on various college courts, to maintain a high standard throughout the year.


Women's Swifts

The Women’s Third team, better known as the Swifts, train 2-3 times a week all year at Iffley Road Sports Centre, with an indoor session at the White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre in Abingdon through the winter. The Swifts have BUCS matches against other universities every Wednesday from the beginning of Michaelmas until the end of the British University season in February.


Men's Wolves

The Men's Fourth team, also known as the Wolves, became part of OULTC in 2014-15. They have competitive singles and doubles matchplay during the week at Iffley Road as well as a varsity match against Cambridge in the Summer.


Women's Jays

The Women’s Fourths are a new team introduced to OULTC as of 2015-16. They train 1-2 times a week as a squad, but sometimes also have the chance to train with the higher teams too, both indoors and out. They have competitive matches during the week at Iffley Road and internal matches against the other squads along with the possibility of playing in the BUCS matches against other universities every Wednesday too.


Men's Seals

The Men's Fifths are one of the teams that were introduced to OULTC in 2014-15. As we are no doubt the biggest of the Men’s teams at Oxford, and due to the fact that we do not participate in BUCS Leagues, M5 spent Michaelmas and Hilary terms knocking off the rust, working on the fundamentals of the game and getting in match practice in preparation for the fixtures to come in Trinity term, in order for a smaller core squad to be selected from the large training squad of the first two terms.