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This week saw some of our longest matches of the year as OULTC saw in 2 stunning wins, 2 draws and just a single loss.

To start with, W1 played East London 1s. This team is currently top of the league and our girls did amazingly to draw with them 6-6. Both Eloïse and Nanami won their singles in tense 3 setters and featured Mariela Haug's BUCS debut. Our second 6-6 draw came from M2 who played Birmingham away. Shoutout to Casper who had a solid singles win and doubles domination with Matt Maynard, while Andrew and Luke suffered a very narrow doubles defeat.

Our winning streak starts with M3 who played Anglia Ruskin 1s away and won 10-2. Credit to David Heathcote and Will Kilbourn who played up from M4 and won both their singles and doubles matches. W4 had a stunning success over Nottingham W6 away and won 10-2!

M4 played Nottingham 6s away and sadly lost 4-8. However the battle was hard fought against the team which had not lost a rubber so far this season, with Mark Fleck producing a stunning singles win over a top player. Also an honourable mention to Stan Mlatac for his 2-6, 7-5, 7-6 win against their number one seed.

PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Mark Fleck from M5 who won his debut singles match for M4 5-7, 7-6, 16-14!


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