• Women's trials are scheduled for Saturday 10th October ~ at Florence Park

  • Men's trials are scheduled for Sunday 11th October ~ at Florence Park

  • Please bear in mind that you will assigned a one-hour slot after submitting this form

  • The sign up will be closing on Friday 9th October at noon

Sign up for OULTC Team Trials:
  • Tier 1: I have competed extensively at a high level, in regional (or equivalent) leagues and above. I am very comfortable with playing matches. 

  • Tier 2: I have competed at a high level, between regional and county leagues or competitions (or equivalent), and am comfortable playing matches.

  • Tier 3: I have competed at a level between local and county level and am willing to play competitively. 

  • Tier 4: I have played in local leagues or clubs and have some match experience.

NOTE: Symptoms of Covid-19 include: fever, dry persistent cough, loss of smell or taste and shortness of breath.

If the above statements no longer prove to be correct I will email oultc1879@gmail.com.

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